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; our body and nutrition
we all need a daily well balanced diet for optimal health . feeding the body at cellular level. you need to properly maintain your cell for proper health, with the right daily balanced diet ,include food from all six major food group ,you are the only one who can supply the essential nutrient to keep your cell in top working order ;to give your energy level and vitality a boost ,simply give your body the nutrient it require for healthy cells .it is so easy to do this with a daily serving from your power packed nutrient group that hold the secret to cellular energy

a chain is as strong as its weakest linkActive Search Results

these six link are of vital important and with anyone missing life is impossible

the majority of people worldwide have a deficiency of one or more of these

nutrient in their daily diet ,making supplement an absolute must


PROTEIN vital to human life as water and oxygen .only protein can supply us with the very material from which we are made .protein the most plentiful substance in our body and compose 18 to 20 % of our total body weight

together with water and oxygen.protein is vital to all life as the chief tissue builder

and basic substances in every living cells .every one recognise protein in form of muscle, and nails .but .protein is also the principle component of blood,heart

tendons.ligament..brain,genes,hormones and enzymes

the metabolic process that keep our body running is regulated by some protein hormones and catalyst by other protein (enzyme

our body cannot stored protein ,so we need continuous supply from diet .when the body received protein .it used only what it need at that moment and convert the rest into fuel to be used as energy .once protein has been convert .it can never be changed back .no matter how the body demand for protein .

protein is a combination of amino acid
protein is composed of a string of small chemical unit know as amino acid.the body cannot absorb the whole protein molecule and must break into individual amino acids.theses can be absorbs by the body and reassemble to form the new protein combination of the body tissues .cells enzyme ,and many other .while all amino acid have some characteristics in common.each have very distinctive that make it a separate chemical entity .of the 22different amino acids the body require ,14 can be synthesized or constructed by the body even if they are not present in the diet .the 8 remaining are know as the essential amino acid because they cannot be synthesized and must be supply daily in the food we eat

It is the presence of the essential amino acid that dictates the quality of protein

a protein is only good as it least plentiful amino acid .the body construct protein tissue .etc using the essential amino acid ,if it only received seven of the eight .it may not be able to synthesized the particular protein it needs. or if it received an abundant supply of seven but only a small amount of 8 the body will construct protein only until the 8th amino acid is used up .the remaining 7 will not be used for protein synthesis .therefore to be a high quality protein .it must contain all the dietary essential amino acid in balanced amount for the body to use
High Protein food are often high in fat and cholesterol
today from all sides .we are receiving the message to drastically reduced the fat and cholesterol in our diet .this poses a dilemma .the very food that are highest in fat s and cholesterol are some of our best source of protein .eggs ,red meat .diary products .if we stop eating these food ,we are likely to seriously reduced the protein content of our diet
It’s a kind of double -edged sword .if we reduced our intake of fat and cholesterol ,we also reduced our dietary intake of protein .however ,if we maintain our protein intake by not the fat and cholesterol in our diet .we are taking a tremendous risk with our health

we know that the body cannot stored protein in the same way it can stored fat .it must be supply daily with protein that contain all of the amino acids in proportion that match the body needs. a protein defficiency can result in (1) some form of disease or (2)premature aging .to prevent these damaging effect ,we need a high quality natural source of protein that is low in fat and cholesterol. some drug that is very quality will filfill these need


the body puts its need for energy above all else .if the energy food carbonhhydrate and fat are not present to supply these essential need .the body will convert protein to energy .its is important that some carbonhydrate and fat be available to provide what nutritionist call a protein saving.action .this conserves the protein for its special function of maintainance ,repair ,growth and stamina ,some quality protein suplement drug use fructose natural fruit sugar )as the carbonhydrate for these important protein saving ‘action .fructose is well suited for these purpose because it absorbs slowly and even more important .its metabolised very rapidly one absorbed .slowly .slowly absorption means sustained energy.rapidly means instant utilization and energy


to achieve maximum protein efficiency .there are many quality protein product that can provide all 22 amino acid that are involved in human nutrition .even the human body usually has the capacity to manufactured all but the 8 essential amino acid 10 for children supply all 22 effectively all was the essential to be utillised to their fullest in function such as tissue building and repair or enzyme synthesis ‘ this completeness ‘advantages is not found in all protein food


enzymes always hold the key to better health .they are considered the missing link in health rebuilding .in the delicate .elaborate electrochemical laboratory that is your body.each and every element is vital for smooth running efficiency.enzyme are tiny lement that may be even more valuable to body health that the other nutrient .<
we know that enzyme are found in living cell

enzyme enter into digestive function

help transform raw material into body cell

stroer clycogen in the liver and muscle

change carbonhydrates into fat

then transform protein into sugar and fat
they work to help to dispose the waste products of digestion

and enter into just every activity to help maintain life process

without enzyme life would cease

every cell of the body have some1000 enzymes .every moment throughout our body,about two milion biochemical reaction take place that require the use of enzyme for motility .a deficiency of any one enzyme can create nutritional upheaval to weaken and break the chain of interrelated health.specially.enzyme are body catalyst .that is .they speed up a biochemical reaction that would otherwise proceed at a much slower rate .if it would proceed at all.

make sure you are getting enough

nature has placed enzyme in raw food -but most food are cook.when the temperature of cooking water or heat reacg 40 degree ,the enzymes are destroyed .it is wise to eat as many raw fruit and vegetables as possible so as to obtain an adequate amount of enzyme .many people do not eat enough raw food and are thus enzyme difficient.many other need supplement to help meet the challenges of daily living .enzyme should be part of supplement programesfor improved health


the digestive process of the intestinal tract are those that perform the finishing touches and final preparation before nutrient can be absorbs.the primary factors in these process are biochemicalknow as enzymes.

for intestinal digestion.special cells ii the pancreas manufactured enzymes from amino acid and secrete them into chyme (partially digested food from stomach)here . they catalyze the reaction that break our food down further and free the
digestion required 3 types of enzyme
the nutrients in our food come in complex structured bound up in protein .fat and carbonhydrates .the cooperative action of 3 general types of enzyme is required to release the nutrients in a form that can be absorbs
protein required protein digesting enzyme to break them down into their absorbable amino acid components .

carbonhydrates required a carbolic enzyme to break them into their absorbable simple sugar components

if any of these enzyme is not presents in sufficients quantities digestion cannot take place.

unfortunately as the body ages .enzyme production in many people begin to diminish .in addition .eating too fat .overeating or poor food choice may overburden the enzyme suooly .incomplete digestion may result .nutrients will br wasted and intestinal discomfort or medically related problem may arise.


vitamins are highly complex substances that are essential for our good health .normal growth and reproduction .they may be chemically unrelated ,but all vitamins are organic .found only in thing that are ,or have been alive.every cell in our body require vitamins everyday .although plant can manufactured all vitamins they need.the humanbody cannot.we must conceive a constant supply through daily diet

vitamins come in two diferent categories

vitamins are categories as either fat soluble(vitamin a.d.e and k) and water soluble (vitamins b and c) .the body can only stored fat soluble vitamins but the water soluble vitamin cannot be stored and any portion not immediately used is eliminated


vitamins perform a myriad of function in the body and are vital to life itself

they are directly involved in such life sustaining activities and enzyme production bone growth and development



glandular activities and much more

they are eleven basic element to our immune system where they can act

antiodidants again cancer causing free radical oxygen

support general imune function

prevent deficiency relate disease

improved recovering from encounter with virus such as common cold
assist our organ in their detoxification process
stimulate wound healing

help with overall protection for optimum health

how much do we need

the amount of supplemental vitammins need by any individual depend upon a number of factor ,including food choices ,digestive ability .environmental exposure general health and even genetic background.

in other world ,each person has their own individual needs

research into diseases lead to recomended daily allowances

the significances of vitamins to human health became aparent through research into disesase . many research may have been identified in many ways like dietary deficiency disease related to vitamins in fact ,a prolonged defficiency to any vitamin will result into disease there are many drug that can provide .vitamin bi .vitamin

current direction in vitamin research

today there is increase envidence that vitamins are heavily involved in the body defense system .we are more than ever aware of protection qualities .of vitamins .vitamins have the potential to protect us from number of diease

concern about the vitamins content in our food

growing condition .abuse during harvest or in transport storage.refining freezing .canning and cooking ,all our drimental to  vitamin content of the food .we consume today . the handling of our food supply is too often beyond our control .since

we must rely on other to provide and protect the nutrient value of the food we buy

we can never be completely sure we are receiving all the vitamins our body required

vitamin suplementation is one very postive step we can take to ensure that our body received sufficient quality of the vitamins necessary for good health

many health care program in our society can recomend us way of obtaining sufficient vitamins to our body

there are many vitamins supplement researcher programe ,that can help us determine which food normally included in our diets are the best of that particular vitamins , using that as blue print for nature .they will also work to incorporate everything that is natural occuring in that food into source capsule or tablet form

the advantage of medical expert technology

our whole metabolic system is based on water solubility .they media within our cell and surrounding .our cell is primarily water .therefore ,water insoluble fat and fat insoluble vitamins pose a chalenge to the body digestive system

within the stomach and intestine exist several digestive enzyme and bile acids specifically design to emulsify fat so that these water insoluble substances can mixed with water made miscible and take up by water based system of circulation

some many extensive research over some years has shown absorption of fat soluble vitamins can be enhanced if the substanced is emulsify or made water miscible prior to consumption

some medical expert has been translate this envidence into advancement in product technology

some medical expert hsa utilise their knowledge by blend natural emulsifier into fat soluble vitamin formula this unique process actually assist the body in its natural emulsification process.the result is more rapid and even dispersion of the nutrient throughout the stomach and intestine enhancing rapid and effficient absorption

some medical expert researchers recognised that supplement should be more effective if its nutrient where deliver in essentially the same way nature deliver nutrient in food slowly over the time some of these objective may achieved in some many exclusive sustain release

some medical expert researcher develop a special ability which control the gradual release of vitamins for full six ours or more .envidence show that constant availability of nutrient .without waste leads to optimum nutrition


minerals are essential work to triger enzymes,which are the catalyst need to convert dietary nutrients to readily usable form.without mineral other nutrients like vitamins .protein fats,and carbonhydrates would be wasted .minerals through need in very small amount ,are absolutely essential for life proces .


the amount of any given minerals in any form what you will absorbs is influenced by many factors what you eat when you eats how you eats your age sex ,level stress physical activities ,living and worrying environment and genetic consideration can all impact your nutrients absorption potential .it is fact how ever that of all the minerals ingested through standard food supply ,only a a small percentages are absorbs by the body;the vast majority are not absorbs and thus are lost therefore minerals supplementation may be important even for those who feel that they maintain i healthy balanced diet

chelation enhances absorption

some scientific and medical expert have long recognized the significant of nutrient absorption

medical expert researchers undertook the develop of dietary supplement that would provide increase absorpton of the essential minerals nutrient ,by utilising the process of chelation .it was possible to significantly increased the absorption of minerals .

to understand the benefit of chelation .it is necessary to understand some of the reason why the body absorpton of minerals is so efficient .mineral are compromised primarily of postive charge .when postive charge ion .the intestinal wall or villi where nutrient are absorb  are negatively charge .when postively charge minerals are ingested .a great percent of them attracted by this negatively charge membrane .this process is similar to the way that opposite magnetic poles postive and negativel would atract one another if we put them together .a relatively small amount of ingested mineral finds its way through membrane opening and enter the body stream.

chelation increase absorption because .chelating agent wrap themselves around the mineral ion ,much,like a protective doing so ,they tend to neutralized metabolic mineral is not attracted by the membrane wall.the neutralized chelate thus is able to pass through the villi and into the bodystream.


many products sold in health food store as chelated minerals ;are realy mineral glucomate .citrates .etc when they reach the intestinal tract ;for absorption they are little better than many of the non chelated simple metabolic minerals.


lipids and sterol are part of the essential fatty acids .our food supply should be rich in them.but with today advance technology our food is robbed of these important nutrients ,and this put us at a risk in many ways st
lipids and sterols are part of the sterol

ructured of the homones nade byy our endocrines glands systen.

homones makes us what we are .they control our mood,energy,apearance,healing sexuality and many other important aspect of life .without a rich supply from our food.we have difficult manufacturing these hormones .and we suffer in many ways .lipids and sterols also become part of our cell sructured.every cell has a membrane surrounding it that has a later of these fatty acidswithin. they keep the cell soft and pliable so that nutrient can readily pass through

food processor removed lipid and sterols from grain because .when they grind the grain,it expose the oil to oxygen and they became rancid .if we rely on white flour .as our source of lipid and sterols we risks serious defficiency .the endicrine system become hamered and cannot produced hormones that are need .this predisposes to chronic fatigue ,alergies ,arthrities and other degenerative disease .at the cellular level the cell membrane are starved for lipids and sterols and become tough and resistant ,making it more difficult for nutrients to get into the cell and waste to be excreted , a toxic build up pollutes our very being ,leaving us fatigue and easy prey to disease


carbonhydrates sugar and starches are eating in excess in our daily diet .even if other link of the chain of life fail our  food we give us all the carbonhydrate we need .since this is mainly what we bring home from the market or grocery store , they are not need in food supplement programe .infact these excessive intake of carbonhydrates is the major cause of disease .a cut black in in the intake of refined carbonhydrates is strongly recomended for the improvement of good health

1 the soil has been depleted of trace element and farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticide which deplete valuable nutrients in fruit and vegetable

2fruit and vegetable are not reach us fresh

3 storages and freezing deplete nutrient content

4 cooking method destroy large portion of nutrient

5 the use of aluminium cooking utencil deplete the food from valuable nutrients
and is major cause of alzheimer,disease and memory lose
6 refining and processing not only removed a larged amount of nutrients .but preservative colourants and flavourants added are dangerous to your health 7 too much refined food

8too much carbonhydrates unbalanced diet

9 white sugar deplete the body from essential vitamins

10 chlorine in our drinking water

in halling of pollution and gases or working in industry

13 infrequent meals and the use of fast and conveniet foods

the sad part of life is what we cut down our diets to make ends meet only to pay out our saving for medical treatment some years later .the result of depriving body from essential nutrients

it makes goods reasoning utilize your money on yourself by supplementing your diet and avoid giving away your somebody else at a later stage

in depriving your body of necessary nutrients your immune sysytem is negatively influenced.and when your immune system is down .it open up your body for various attack and resulting sickness

there is a different between filling your stomach with food and feeding your body cell with nutrients ; you can eat yourself to bursting on egg fresh wite bread but your body has received limited nutrition


and just like machine they need to be properly maintain to remain in good working order

when your cell does not received correct nutrition fuel they become slugishly and inefficient

athletes and active sport people are even more aware of these feeling than the average age person .by putting the additional physical demand on our body .sport people have increased nutritional so many of us.dont put enough atttention to our diet ,and that can have various consequences for our performances and long term well being


athletic lifestyle training competition and recovery

every athletic irespective of their sport is continously in one of three state of activities namely


depending on the nature of sport,the cycle in which the athlete move through these various stages can vary drastically some athletic train for month.leading up to a single event .while others moveed back and front between training and competition on a daily or weekly basis

whether training or competition.however the process of recovery follow each instant of exertion and taxes the body innate ability to repair itself. all three stages and recovery inparticular .pose increase nutritional demands on the individual in other to carry out this function efffectivelyl.the nutritional need of sport people ,reflect the psychological stress resulting from high exercise both in training and competition .as well as their unusual lifestyle these factor are at all level of sports participation and are important consideration for a number of comited recreatinal athletes.


The value of water in the body
water is our most vital nutrients whats makes up about 60% of our total body weight some scientist expert research recomends approximately 810glasses per days for women and 1012 glases a day for men

we need water for several body function

every cell in our body depends on water to function properly

water is part of the chemicalstructured of compounds that form the cells tissues and organ of the body.

water support our kidney in their role in protein metabolism

water is also important for proper elimination .constipation can often be avoided by simply increased one water intake

water provide satiety value and help one to fee full some scientist studies have demonstrated that people eat fewer kilojoles at meals when they makes food choice,which have higher content

water is also know to help remove toxins ,from our system ,keep your skin clearer ,assist with nutrient absorption ,help reduced headaches etc

have a glass of water upon awaking in the morning

drink water with every meal regardless of other beverages you may drink .for every cafeinated beverages you drink ‘have a glass of water cafein dehydrates,and can make you create more water than you take in

at home or at work keep a glass of of water nearby and drink from it often

drink 250ml of water for every 15 mins you exercise


it is critically important to exercise in reaching your goal weight. no matter what your age ,weight physical limitation or current level of activities .virtually every one can exersise in some way .exercise benefit your physically fit


increase fat burning capability and metabolic rate during and after exercise

builds cardiovascular endurances can help reduce risk of plaque build up and heart disease

may help increase  good cholestrol and lower triglycerides.

improve flexibility

help control apetite

can help reduced risk of colon cancer

help reducd blood sugar (glucose) levels ,especially in those at risk for diabeties

help improved bone density and reduced risks of osteoporosis

increase energy

enhances mood and help manage stress

promote sound sleep

promote better overall circulation

boost self esteem

boost self confidence

help you achieve long term weigh loss goals


the best way to looss weight and keep it off can be achieve through regular exercise

why exercise

reducing kilojoule intake can slow down you metabolism.exercise keep yuor metabolism in high gear

,and prevent your body from

safety first
if you have’nt exercise in last 2 years and you are over 40 years of ages,or have bee diagnosed with cardiovascular disease,it is imperative that you check with your doctor before starting an exercise


a critical key to a sucessful exercise is to chose that which we enjoy walk run ,hike,aerobic or weight training

walk it off

learn to love walking .it is a great and easy way to burn kilojoule.and to improve your health ,everyone can walk .walk after a meal after works,incorporate walking into your every day activities

homeostasis is the fairly constant internal environment in an human being must be able to maintain a steady internal environment , body fluid such ,blood ,lymph and tissue fluid make up the internal environment of the people,the enternal environment must ,must be keep fairly constant for the healthy ,growth,and efficient functioning of the body cell , all human being must be able to adjust to any changes ,in the physical and chemical condition of our body fluids ,some of the condition are temperature osmotic pressure ,concentration of dissolves substances in the body fluid ,such as ,carbondioxide,oxygen,urea food substances eg,glucose amino acid and minerals ion such as sodium potassium chloride

part of the body which are involved in homeostasis

part of the body which are involved in homeostasis are kidney,liver skin,,ductless glands and hormone

the brain has overall control of homeostatic process in the bod


function of the kidney

the kidney perform number of function among which are



the kidney carried out osmoregulation in human, when the osmotic concentration of blood

is higher than that of the cell content by means of sugar minerals, salt amino acid and other plasma solute the kidney extract these substances from the body cell or blood

and absorbs more water,when these substance are present in small amount in the blood,,it create higher osmotic pressure in the body cell ,thus ,decreasing the osmotic concentration of the blood and the kidney ,extract more water than,usual,,by the action of anti diuretic hormone,more concentrated urine is produced thus keeping the osmotic concentration of blood and cell fairlyconstant,,osmoregulation in human,especially loss of water ,is also carried out through sweating by skin and expiration or exhalation by the lungs

excreation the kidney are also involved in the removal of metabolic waste product from the body in form of urine , the process involved in the formation of urine occours in three phases which are ultral fitration,,selective reabsorption and hormonal secretion

blood is brough to the kidney by renal artery,as it circulates through the cappilaries or glomerulus of each bowmans capsule ,water urea. nitrogenous compounds,,minerals ,salt, sugar glucose ,and plasma solutes are filtered into the capsule,the process of filtering materials from the glomerulus into the bowmans capsule is filteration

the fluid in the capsule or glomerulus filterate, now flow down the tubule,at the the proximal convoluted tubule ,some water sugar and amino acids ,and salt,which are useful to the body are reabsorbed into the bloodcapilaries against concentration gradient, by active transport ,the process of reabsorbing useful materials back into the blood selective reabsorption

the fluuid in the tubule become more concentrate as it flow through the distal tubule where more water is reabsorbed by the action of anti diuretic hormone and urine is finally formed

the urine gradually trickles into the renal pelvis and is propelled by peristasis through the ureta in the urinary bladder ,when the bladder is full,it contract,discharge the urine out of the body through the urethra

maintanance of acid ,base balance,,the kidney also maintain the acid base balance ,in the body ,when the body fluid become acidic that is ,the concentration of the acid become more than the concentration of the base ,more acid is excreted by the kidney with the urine,excessive loss of base is presented at the same time by the kidney, if the concentration of a base become higher more salt will be excreted with the urine</div


there are different condition or factors that affect the function of the kidney , these include environment temperature drugs , and disease

environmental temperature ,,temperature affect the function of the kidney,on cold days there is every tendency to urinate more than we do on hot days,on hot days , much water is lost by sweating , but on cold days very little,or no water is lost by sweating ,hence more of the excess water in the body,is lost through the kidney ,under ths condition ,the kidney are under stress,as they are no remove excess water ,salts and other waste product,from the body

drugs most drugs taken by human being do affect the function of the kidney,among the essential drug which affect the kidney are diuretic ,these are usually taken to get rid of excess water out of the body

disease ,disease such as nephritis ,kidney stone,diuresis ,dropsy, can affect normal functioning of the kidney


diuresis is a condition by which the cell of the kidney tubules are not reabsorbing water from the glomerular filterate ,and as a result large amount of water is passed out in the urine ,diuresis can also occour from a patient suffering from dabeties insipidus a condition in wich the production(anti diuretic hormone)become reduced less water is reabsorbed,and patient produce a lot of urine,about a 5-20 litres a days


it leads to excreation of large amount of urine
diuresis leads to loss of weight

it leads to emanciation

there is high thirst for a lot of water


surgical operation should be performed on the patient

drugs such as diuretics should be administered to get rid of excess water in the body

nephritis is a condition in which the blood vessel in bowmans capsule glomerular become inflamed and porous as a result of which they cannot carry out the function ultral filtration completely ,this will result in passage of most of the useful materials in the body fluid with urine.nephritis can also be caused by bacterial infections


inflamation of y the kidney ,presence of amino acid in the urine ,weakness of the body ,,fever and pain


use of dialysis-an artificial kidney can be adopted ,to take over the work of normal kidney

kidney transplant -the disease kidney can be replace with healthy one

use of antibiotics-antibiotics can be used especialy if the disease is caused by bacteria


kidney stone is caused by some disease growth within the tubules

these disease growth may narrow urine passage,thus reducing free flow of urine in most cases,the disease growth may block the urine passage,making the removal of urine extremely difficult.


it obstruct the passage of urine

pain is experience on passing out urine

severe abdominal pain is experience

it leads to high blood pressure ,fever ,chills,blood in urine
remedy called nephrectomy can be performed,this involved the opening up of the kidney to removed the stones

patient should avoid excessive intake of calcium

a lot of water should be taken

there should be the reduction in the protein intake

dropsy or oedema;dropsy is a condition in which the cell the cell of a bowman capsule,are unable to absorbs water from the blood in the tubules,as a result,a lot of water is retained in the blood or tissue ,this leads to swelling of some part of the body such as


it leads to swelling in face and ankles

it causes slugishness

it lead to abdominal pain

there is constant weakness or fatigue


the patient should seek medical treatment by speciallist doctor

there should be the reduction in intake of water

kidney transplant can be performed if the condition is critical


the liver is one of the vital organ in the body its average weight is about 1.25jg the liver is locate on the right side of the abdomen .it partly overlaps or covers the stomach the liver is dark red in color and is divides into lobes.each lobes is further surb divideed into smaller lobes the gall bladder which store the bile is connected to the duodenum by a short tubule called bile duct,the liver secrete bile responsible for the emulsification of fat the liver is able to control major metabolic activities,within the body


the liver perform some functions

regulation of blood sugar ,the liver is capable of converting excess glucose into glycogen, liver also store excess glucose ,conversely.when the level of glucose is low,glycogen is convert back to glucose under the influenced of another hormone called glucagon

detoxification,the liver can also convert poisonous and toxic materials,such as drugs alcohol in the body into harmless substances which are later excreted

regulation of blood protein,the body cells cannot store excess amino acids,in the body,the liver therefore deaminates excess amino acid are splitted into its two component,the amino group and caboxyl group which is poisonous and toxic is convert into harmless urea and excreted while the caboxyl group is processed into carbonhydrates and sored in the liver as glycogen

production of bile the liver is the organ know to produced or synthesise bile while the gall bladder stire the bile ,the bile formed is transported to the duodenum ,via the bile duct .the bile aids the emulsification of fats which enhanced its digestion and absorption

formation of red blood cell in the foetus,the liver form the red bloods cell ,(erythrocytes)but in the adults ,the marrow of long bones form the red blood cell.

productino of heat ,the activities of liver generate heat which helps to maintain the b ody temperature

regulation of lipids,the liver also remove lipid from the blood converts them to glucose ,and oxidise them to release energy during aerobic respiration.

manufacture of essential proteins, the liver manufacture most of the essential blood proteins ,like fibrinogen,prothrombin,globulins, these proteins play important role in the clothing of blood

breakdown of red blood cells,the liver is responsible for the breakdown of worn out of red blood cell(ecrythrocytes) in adults

storage of vitamins,the liver manufactured vitamins a from carotene and stored fat soluble vitaminsA B and d

storage of iron, the liver stored iron obtain from the breakdown of red blood corpuscles

reservoir of blood, the liver acts as a reservoir of bloodas it contains many capilaries and blood spaces, with a large volume of blood

certain disease which can impair the functioning of the liver include

diabetis melitus,this disease is caused as a result inability of liver cell to converts excess glucose in the blood to glycogen this is as a result of the failure of pancreas to produced a hormone called insulin consequently excess sugar is is left in the blood and lost through urine


it result to continous dehydration

it may cause exhaustion or muscular weakness

it may lead to blured vision
it also leads to loss of weight


drug like diabinese should be used

there must be regular doses of insulin injectioninravenously throughout life

carbonhydrate rich food must be avoided

infective hepatitis;this is the inflamation of the liver which may be due to viral infectio or toxic substances like poison and drugs,as a result of this the liver ,is unable to store or reconvert already,stored glycogen into


it leads to loss appetite

it cause severe headache and nauseait may lead to yellow coloring of the eyes and urine

it result to greneral weakness of the body


drugs must be administered

patient should be place on

after ,alcoholic drink must be avoided

gall stones ,gall stones are hard object which are formed in the bile duct , and block the passage of bile,this result is as a result of the precipitation of cholestrole in the gall bladder or bile duct ,this blockages leads to obstructive jaundice in which the skin in light completion people acquired characteristically yellow appearances due to retention of bile pigment(billirubin) in the blood


gall stones lead to yellowing of the skin and eyes

it resut to inability to diggest fat and oil properly

it cause general weakness of the body


drugs must be administer

the stones may dissolved by oral feeding on a bile

surgical operation can be performed to removed the stones

cancer of liver;this is distorted form of production of liver cell,in other words,it leads to outgrowth or uncontrolable swelling of cells,which do not retain the normal function of the tissue,in which they rise,this continous outgrowth eventually willprevent the liver form performing its normal role

effect of cancer of liverEFFECT OF CANCER OF LIVER

it leads to general weakness of the body

the body is exhausted

it can lead to death

surgery can be done if detectted early in life

the cancer can be destroy by the use of radiation(radology,or chemotherapy

liver transplant may be carried out

cirrhosis of the liver ;this is the serious liver disease in which the dammaged liver cell become replace by dead and useless fibrous tissue,as a result of this ,the liver feel very firm and irregular,cirrhosis,may be caused by excessive drinking of alcohol,over a long period of time or by hepatitis


it result to general weakness of the body

it leads to loss of appetite
it can leads to death.


for a person to remain healthy ,he/she must maintain cleanlines,around his/her environment,must eat good food .drink clean and pure water .wear clean cloths ,and keep .environment tidy .this method will help a lot in preventing disease outbreak however ,keeping the environment clean is not only the sole responsibility of a single involves the combine efforts of the household,comunity nations ,and the whole world as whole comunity


effective public health administration in a community can be achieved through many ways like
refuse disposal refuse are solid waste materials ,which usually discharge through human activities from home and industries into the environment,reckless refuse dump around dwelling places create bad odour ,provide breeding ground for insect and rodent that spread disease


provision of dust bin in strategic locations

burning refuse in incinerators

dumping them in isolate areas far from human habitation

burning refuse in sanitary landfill


sewage are waste water materials discharged from launderies,kitchen,toilet,bathrooms like urine and faeces

sewage dispose can be done through

the use of pit toilet where faeces and urine are passed into deep pits

the use of septic tanks where water is used to flush faeces and urine into a big tank dug into the ground

comunity treatment process where sewage from various home are collected and treat before being discharged into oceans or rivers

protections of water ;in view of numerous diseases ,which man can contact because of drinking unclean water water should protecred through

addition of allum to water
boiling of water before drinking it


addition of chlorine to kill microscopic germs as done in water works

storage of water in clean containers

all these should be done before water is passed through pipes into the houses and other place where it required

protection of food; its true that disease can be contracted through food therefore ,both raw and cook food should be properly protected .the following method of food protection are recomended

keep food in fridge or deep freezers

boil or cook raw food properly before eating

there should be inspected of food meant for public consumptions

washing of hands before and after eating of food

food can also be preserved through caning

keep the environment where food is prepared clean

avoid exposure of food to flies and other micro organism

control of disease ;individual can control disease by living in clean environment ,therefore prevent disease through

daily sweeping of the surrounding

eating of good food and balance diet

taking of bath regularly wearing of clean an neat dress living in well ventilate houses cleaning of lactrines and urinals with disinfectant regularly cleaning of teeth regularly with toothbrush and paste

doing exercise regularly treatment of any injury imediately or reporting same to the nearest hospital for treatment taking children through through the various immunisations as prescribed by the doctor


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